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What if every store had the same inventory at the same price? You might ask yourself, 'Why go to Friedmans?' We ask ourselves that every day. And every day, we work to give you an even better reason.

Friedmans Appliance center


It all began with the heart of the home: the kitchen. Way back in the fabled 1980s, Friedmans was a friendly little retailer specializing in that exciting new kitchen appliance: the microwave oven. Expanding into other kitchen appliances and bathrooms followed. So did attracting some really good people to work with customers. (We’re honored that some of those good folks are still sticking with us after 30 years.) Fast forward to today, and Friedmans Home Experience looks different. It looks like a 26,000-square-foot powerhouse superstore. But inside here, it’s still a friendly little place. There are intimate spaces that look like home. And inside those homey little spaces, we work with friends. People like you. And we love it. It might even be symbolic that all this started with kitchen appliances. The kitchen is where home happens. People thrive. They enjoy. They live. They love. They get fed. Friedmans Home Experience is about more than just the big box. It’s about a family serving families. Friedmans Home Experience is about you.


The Friedmans family is over 40 strong. We know we’re biased, but it feels like we have the best family on the block. And it’s a block we’ve been around. Bob Atkins is a people person who enjoys getting to know people. And since day one, he’s focused on hiring special folks who love what they do and the people they do it for. After all, each customer becomes family, too. Feel free to mouse over any of our family photos to learn a few interesting tidbits about each of them. (They won’t mind.)


Bob Atkins, Owner

With Friedman's Since: 1980

Favorite Dish to Cook: Seared Ahi and Asparagus

Favorite Product: Induction Cook Top

When Not at Work, I am: Sailing

Pat Atkins Owner

Pat Atkins, Owner

Year started at Friedmans: 1980

Favorite Dish to Cook: Lasagna

Favorite Product: Induction Cook Top

When Not at Work, I am: In Maui


Chris Ybarra, General Manager

Year started at Friedmans: 2006

Favorite Dish to Cook: Buffalo Wings

Favorite Product: Thermador Coffee Maker

When Not at Work, I am: spending time with my wife and three kids



The true measure of how we’re doing lies in the hands of the people we do it for. Below are just a few of the nice things our extended family has to say about their experience at Friedmans Home Experience. And if you click on the box at the bottom, you can read more, or you can add a review of your own. We look forward to hearing from you


I really enjoyed the commercial that it sparked an interest in the store and had to share with you and your family my friends. #family #grateful #blessings #prayer #joy #kindness #love.

 Yolie Dorado - August 5, 2015

Friedmans is awesome. I love supporting local businesses. This is a family owned company that truly cares for the customer. You can feel it when you walk in. It's a totally different experience than going to a big chain. AND they have a 5-year warranty that they will buy back from you if you don't use it! Can't say enough good things about this establishment!

 Alison Kermode - November 21, 2015


Great service, awesome prices.

  Jess Antes-  September 8, 2013 


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