You want plenty of room for all that lovely meat…

If you live for the backyard barbecue lifestyle, there’s a good chance you like to feed lots of meat to everyone. And who doesn’t love a great big So-Cal grilled-meat fiesta? Here’s the challenge: if you’re jamming a whole bunch of beef or chicken or other tasty cuts cheek to jowl on the grill, it’s not going to cook well. When there’s a lot of meat pressed all up against itself, it gets soggy and doesn’t brown properly. And lets’ face it: all that wonderful, crusty caramelized outside goodness is one of the great things about grilled meats. You really need to have plenty of breathing room for the meat to cook evenly and properly and to deliver all the grilled goodness you can.

Alfresco 56″ ALXE All Grill

So, what if your grill just isn’t big enough? At Friedmans Home Experience, we are southern California’s kings of the outdoor kitchen. We have a wide selection from some of the finest names in grilling, from Coyote to Capital to LYNX to Viking to Alfresco—we can guide you to a bigger, better grill should you need a hotter, happier place from which to serve up the sizzle. For a top-of-the-line example, take the Alfresco ALXE-56ALXE All Grill. This stainless-steel sizzle fest is a 56-inch wide cart grill with 998 square inches of cooking area. The main burners deliver up to 82,500 BTUs  of raw cooking power. There’s a Sear Zone™ with a 27,500 BTU ceramic infrared burner, a smoker, infrared rotisserie—this baby is calculated to turn your outdoor kitchen into a meat-lover’s mecca. To take a peek at this or any of our outdoor cooking products for a wide range of budgets and tastes, visit our outdoor cooking section.

The Sub-Zero Pro 48: A Refrigerator Way Above Par

Refrigeration Fame

Founded in 1948, Sub-Zero is legendary for its refrigeration products—and they have outdone even themselves with the PRO 48. It has even been called “An 800-pound monument to food preservation.” It’s sculpture. It’s appliance. It’s functional art. And at Friedmans, we’re honored to be providing this enormous beauty to the southern California kitchen shopper.

Huge & Heavenly

With an enormous freezer on the left and refrigerator on the right, it has a spacious interior you could get lost inside. It offers more than 30 cubic feet of storage, dual refrigeration, two compressors, three evaporators—it’s practically a Rolls Royce of residential refrigeration. In greater Los Angeles, where fashion statement is a way of life, this refrigerator defies fashion trends with its classic styling, timeless appearance, and robust mechanics.

A Marvel Of Fresh-Food Tech

As with every model of Sub-Zero, the refrigerator and freezer areas each have a dedicated, sealed system with their own compressor and evaporator. The humidity control for fresh produce keeps it all fresh. Frozen foods get the dry, frigid air they require to prevent decay and freezer burn. Beyond the art of its physical design, the PRO 48 is obsessively engineered to keep all foods fresher longer by doing exactly what each kind of food requires.

Big Enough To Play Tennis Inside It?

The refrigerator offers 18.5 cubic feet of storage capacity, and the freezer has 11.7 cubic feet. This is big—at least twice the storage capacity of an average refrigerator. Pinpoint climate control is made possible by a microprocessor that monitors each section of the fridge, and a touch control panel inside offers easy adjustment. Stainless steel inside and out, the PRO 48 is designed to last for decades. Every single component of the refrigerator you buy for your home has been subjected to a brutalizing series of tests that includes electrical jolts, violent vibrations, and huge temperature swings. Sub-Zero wants this thing to stand up to 20 years of heavy use. The warranty extends to two years, five years and 12 years, depending on the component.

Take A Test Drive

To see the PRO 48 in action, come on in to the Freidmans Home Experience showroom in Long Beach. It’s plugged in and humming away in a vignette that looks just like a high-end home kitchen. When you put your hands on it, you can see for yourself why Sub-Zero/Wolf gets the big thumbs up from designers and chefs alike.

What Is A Big Green Egg And Is There A BBQ Suckling Pig In Your Future?

Backyard Grilling Bonanza
Are you always looking for new ways to cook outside in So Cal? Do you push the limits of your gas grill or your Weber kettle? Is it about more than just grilling up dogs and burgers? Do you like slow-smoking meats and baking pizzas? Then you, my friend, are a prospective EGGhead. (Yes, that’s really what they’re called: EGGheads.)

Sweet And Savory, Juicy Perfection
From searing perfect steaks like the steakhouses, to turning out moist and tender tuna, to baking bread, to roasting tastier lamb and chicken with the natural juices locked inside, to cranking out crowd-pleasing, slow-cooked turkey and ham, the Big Green Egg is a versatile and victorious cooking vessel that makes you the King of Los Angeles County (or Orange County) barbecue.

A Pioneer In The Kamado Cooker Market
We’re talking traditional southern Japanese cookware meeting legitimate space-age technology. This style of cooker was introduced to the U.S. by Air Force servicemen returning from World War II Japan. In 1974, Ed Fisher started Big Green Egg in Tucker, Georgia.

Fire Meets High-Tech
The Big Green Egg is made from a special, high-fiber ceramic developed for NASA’s Space Shuttle program. The material is designed to reflect heat, and makes it possible to acheive temperatures of up to 1,200 degrees. (Especially if you like making killer pizza, high heat like this is extraordinary and transformative.)

From Simple To Sizzle
Fuel for the Big Green Egg is charcoal. The design of the cooker is such that a relatively small amount of charcoal goes a long way. They’re also manufactured in seven sizes, and the largest is a behemoth able to cook it up for a crowd. It can hold up to 40 burgers, more than a dozen whole chickens, as many as 20 steaks or racks of ribs—or, in a salute to whole-animal cooking, and entire suckling pig. You want to throw a shindig for all your closest friends in the greater Los Angeles area? The Egg lets you go Big.

Control Is Your Friend
From deft temperature control to maximizing moisture retention in the foods being cooked, the Big Green Egg is an extraordinary feat of technological innovation and usable simplicity. For the backyard chef, this is the ultimate charcoal grill. See Friedmans’ Big Green Eggs here, or come on in to Friedmans Home Experience in Long Beach and put your hands on one.